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Outsourcing SEO & SEM

Take a pick what I offer and what my skills are: On site and off site SEO, PPC, display advertising, templating, email marketing

Knowledge: Field:
100%On-Site SEO
100%Off-site SEO
100%Display Advertising
100%PPC Campaigns
100%Landing Pages
100%Email Marketing
100%Email Templating
100%Content Marketing
100%A/B Testing
Experience: Tools:
100%Google Ads (ex AdWords)
90%Google Tag Manager except medium knowledge in javascript
100%Google Search Console
100%Google Analytics
100%Raven Tools
100%Screaming Frog
100%Adobe Photoshop
30%Adobe Illustrator

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Outsourcung SEO

outsourcing seo

I love SEO

With over 15 years of experience, I still love site optimization, good fighting with competitors and fixing stuff. In recent years, this struggle has got some new shapes - this is not just a pure on site SEO technique because all the possible tools must be included: Google Tag Manager, good UI, UX and landing pages.

The trick is to create a strategy, optimize the code and plan a pile of long texts. Headlines, metas, alt, HTML, CSS, speed etc - all this affects SEO. While the most important things for SEO are keywords and phrases, the main and long tail.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO implies preparing a site for the best result in the Google results and other search engines. Various knowledge is used: programming, implementing tools and analyzing them, as well as third tools like Ahrefs, Sreaming Frog, SEMRush, Moz etc.

In addition to the aforementioned techniques, it is compulsory to use a site map with a self-assessment of the side to suggest to the search engines which are important pages, as well as pages that show errors if they does not exist or/and direct them to the other one.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is in fact everything that goes outside of your site, ie incoming links made to your website. Building backlinks is a very demanding job that needs to be done with detailed planning and analysis of the competition.

First place in Google?

When SEO or any other technique is concerned, the first place in Google is impossible to promise, so I warn you to keep away from the agencies and freelancers promising the first place. Basicly, I can not guarantee you the first place in Google, but I will try to make a miracle in order to put your website in the best position that I'm famoust for - effective strategy and problem solving.

Customer care

Analyzing the situation and competitors, scanning a website, defining targets, etc., help us develop a proper strategy. Evaluation usually takes up to 10 business days, depending on the size of the site. Details are always insightful to customers, effort to be timely informed and know what's happening.

Outsourcing SEM

outsourcing sem

Internet Marketing

There is nothing nicer than helping a company to succeed and develop additional earnings.

Nothing is more important than a happy client. Below I will outline the framework guidelines through which I come to excellent results:

PPC (pay per click)

PPC (Pay Per Click) implies advertisements payable per click on a predefined link. So every time someone clicks on the ad, you pay that click. This advertising model is the most advanced and most used on the search engines themselves (Google, Bing and so on).

Display Advertising

Display advertising is the same as PPC just implies that the ad contains text, banner, image or video. As a rule, it is on third sites and targets a public with similar or same interest. With this vision we can advertise:

  • on sites that write the same or similar topic
  • target specific sites
  • Target users who searched search engines for the same topic
  • Target your gadgets by geographic location
  • to advertise in mobile apps
  • to advertise on social networks
  • Target users who have already visited your site depending on where they were right.

Social networks

The advantage of advertising on social networks is lower than other marketing models. The most important social networks for advertising are Facebook and LinkedIn, depending on what we want to achieve.


Retargeting is the best view of advertising and one of the best investment return models. Retargeting implies targeting a user who has visited your wenbsite. The advantage of this kind of advertisement is exactly that you know which product was looked at, how the user came to the site, and where he/she clicked on the site, so you can precisely target he/she with the product advert that it looked at.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a clear matter but not easy. This marketing model, combined with retargeting, brings the highest return on invested money. Collection of emails by GRDP law, template preparation, customer sharing by groups, ie various products, notification, and so on.

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Web Design

Having a decent web site shows how seriously you are thinking about your business whether you sell something over it or not. The website must create a picture of a successful company and help business in such a way that it leads to new users of your products or offer.

Planning a Web Development

During the first conversation, we identify the goal and how we want to communicate with the users ie what we can offer them. Setting clear goals helps to further develop both the company and the site.

Responsive web design

For several years, the standrard is responsive website working on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Speed ​​is one of the valid factors, so it is understood that the database is optimized.

Web Development

I mainly work with the programming language PHP and MySQL database and rely on CMS (control management system) such as: ProcessWire, Magento and Drupa-. Of course, if you want a secure and bulletproof internet payment application, we're here to make a deal.


At the beginning I always ask that a customer to take a look at a couple of websites on the internet and show a couple of examples and how you would like your website to look. In principle, the website can not be done under 7 days and it is very important that we communicate online. Unlike business sites, shop and accommodation websites needs much more time. Note: Changes to first design are being charged.

Each job ends in the agreed period unless the requests have been changed in the meantime. The only means of communication I use for communication is Skype and for additional requirements over an e-mail. The plan is to develop your digital presence and bring you to a range of functional deliveries through the campaign. I do not make any shortcuts, everything done will be agreed in advance with you. I do like dealing with numbers and statistics.

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